How to Write Interesting, Informative, And Useful Content for The Web

Content consumers now go to the web for information, entertainment, and everything in between, and so do content producers. But what kind of content would you like to serve your visitors? On one hand, there is content that has many words to fill the page but nobody likes to read it. It is boring, confusing, […]

8 Ways to Use Color Psychology in Marketing (With Examples)

The colors you use in your marketing and branding are foundational. You’ll use these to create your logo, your website, your ads, and so much more—which means you shouldn’t make these choices lightly. Instead, you should choose the colors you’re going to use in your branding and marketing strategically. How? The key is understanding color […]

‘They can’t silence us’: the female lawyers defending Colombia’s environment

Julia Figueroa never leaves her house without security. She travels with two bodyguards and an armoured vehicle. Her home and office are watched around the clock. She carefully monitors any devices that might contain compromising information about her clients. As the director of the Luis Carlos Pérez Lawyers Collective Corporation (CCALCP), threats to her life […]


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